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09:36pm 24/06/2008
I am happy to say I got something off it's feet. I basically met this guy for Pride Parade, and hung out. Took pictures for my book, exchanged emails. Met some people, saw old friends. Yes I did. So here are some pictures for the book. I'll be posting excerpt from my book as well. Im not sure whose going to publish it but I hope to find someone. Or I'll just do it on my own. I'v done it before, and it would have been a success if I just toured on my own at the time. Anyway. I found another couple to interview, I'm not sure when we'll meet but soon. It's a couple that has been together for 11 years. I managed to send my questionaire ahead to them. AND IT worked so far. So they possibly are my next subjects. aWESOME isnt it.


my first volunteer aka subject Glenn

my friend wayne, who Im trying to get to do an interview

i love this picture

he's miss gay latina

my pictures of the parade sucked so I'm sadly am going to have to get a better camera wwaaay in the future.

but what do y'all think, should i hire a photographer for my book or should I do it myself.  honestly     
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04:00pm 27/06/2008 (UTC)
Josh: Cool
Hey I just saw your post in gay new england about looking for people to meet up with at Pride. I wish I had seen that before I went! Nice pictures! I added you to my lj so you can see my pictures I posted from it. My parade pictures came out shitty too though. What's this book about, I'd love to hear more about it! I see that your in Cranston? I'm next door in Warwick. RI represent!
picword: Cool
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08:06pm 27/06/2008 (UTC)
The book is basically about the gay community in new england, mainly how people are supporting it, and the stories surrounding the people who have come out and are proud. Yeah RIIII REPREZZENT, yeeeh E yeahh! Thanks, its good to hear someone likes the pictures. Makes me feel good.
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