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Im The straight eye, for the gay life  
07:25pm 19/06/2008
I have decided to start a small diy publishing company. One that organizes and raises awareness about social change. You would have to find a way to print your work, but anything you wrote would have a team working with you to get it done, and on the shelves of book stores. I decided this today. But also, I'd like the start off by saying I'm writing this because there are little sources of books written entirely of the gay community. I don't see to many books like that. If there are, throw some my way but its not going to stop me from writing. I will be jumping into investigative journalism, freelance style. I will be going all over New England, investigating the gay community for all their glory, and because I feel this is the time where a movement has definitly put itself from roots to finish. Gay marriage needs to get pushed, and there needs to be as many sources for the explaination, truthful look at the gay community. I'm not gay, but I believe that there shouldn't be anyone preaching about who your married to, as long as your in love. I decided to write a picture book of investigative journalism, interviewing all sorts of people all over new england. From Boston to Portland. I will go into the lives of gay people, and I will be reporting the culture as it approaches a change in the law in every state. Also I will be contributing half of the proceeds to the AIDs project. Because my mother, being straight, has AIDS, and I want to support this fund because it's needed for straight and gay people. The rest goes to publishing and my college fund (hehehe). I figure if I can't get a scholorship I might as well, create one.

If anyone reading this gay or straight wants to contribute to this project. Let me know, If you live on the west coast,midwest, south, and looking for a project and this one sounds like the one for you. Would you like to develop a wider perspective for this book. Let me know. rmrodi@ccri.edu or just send a comment on my journal. Also if you have recommendations for freelance publishing houses let me know. thank you.
ps: anyone on my friends list, also gets exclusive documentation of progress in the book. I'll be posting pictures and stories.
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06:45pm 16/07/2008 (UTC)
Wow! Thats very ambitious. I have just decided to head straight to Hollywood and go to film school. But I do love writing, I like writing for a purpse though. Without a good purpose it seems like pointless to write poetry or stories. Changing the world is what's on my mind a lot lately.

Good luck! You will succeed at anything if you put your mind to it.
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