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maybe im a spoiled poet  
01:51pm 20/05/2008
I don’t give a hoot about grammar, but it distracted someone so bad yesterday. I post my story on some live journal blog and all she could say was I needed better grammar. I’m sorry, I was like just read the damn story. I didn’t say that but wanted to. I don’t care about fragments. It’s like just read the story. It may be the writers style if you focus on the story. It’s like some asshole who corrects your spelling mistakes. Fine you’re a picky reader. Yes your criticism was construction, but if your going to complain about grammar read the whole thing and correct the errors all the way through. I need someone to dot that for me, I’m a lazy writer. I know I shouldn’t be that way, but I read good stories with many errors before. I guess it’s their point of view. Whatever. Cause it didn’t make me want to edit my grammar. It made me want to read it to her. I guess that is when being an actor comes into conflict with being a writer. You need to express it by speaking it in order to get your point across . I’m used to speaking it. It’s a new terror Tory. I wasn’t taught good grammar in elementary school. I guess I should take a class on it first. But it doesn’t mean to much to me at this point. If anyone wants to run one edit over my story so it’s readable to grammar snobs. I’ll do you a favor, two actually, I can teach you how to speak your work, or I could give you a review of your story in return. If not, don’t bother me about it. Just read it like poetry. See there is a form of everything. And some people have been taught it. I’m not on that page yet. But at least I’m gifted at saying it. Some people don’t have that. I have an imagination, some people lost that along the way. I’m blessed the way I am, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to change. That’ll happen one way or another.
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07:09pm 20/05/2008 (UTC)
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*shakes fist at the grammer Nazi* I have a ton of grammar errors in all of my posts as well. I once thought about going through all of them and fixing them but that would take more time then i'm willing to spend. Here's my theory anyone who has had a livejournal or myspace can partial read html if not fully comprehend it...so if they can read html then they can decphire a few of my errors.
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10:55pm 21/05/2008 (UTC)
It's a double edged blade.

Someone telling you to fix grammar and spelling, unless they go through and point out all the mistakes, isn't very helpful. If they do though, you should thank them because its hard and mind numbing work.

On the one hand, its not helpful unless it's a final draft. On the other hand, if it IS a final draft, it does have to be perfect if you intend to sell it. If you send something to an agent or editor with those kind of errors, its an automatic no.

I, personally, never comment on grammar or spelling. I'm shite at both. So I LOVE it if people point out specific errors.
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06:41pm 23/05/2008 (UTC)
Yeah see I'd love it if the person went through it and fixed the errrors. Im very appreaciative. But this person didn't do that. went through the first few lines and then said she couldn't read anymore. So it sort of left me blank.
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