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my mother and providence  
12:57pm 20/05/2008

Here are some photos from the day I spent with my mother on wensday at prospect park.

this picture below is of another park in Providence

this is at her house with her cat....Im not really allowed over there. But im glad I got my weed there, and smoked with her for the first time. She and I both geek out the same. I got jipped on my bag size. I thought being in the ghetto gets me more weed, but this guy obviously took atleast two grams out. I didn't take any pictures of the weed because of the embarrasing size, of what Iv been getting now a days.

Here is me in Providence,going home. SUper paranoid some cop was going to stop me, I took pictures to ease the tension.

they came out blurry, allof them but I sort of like them that way. It was hard to get a steady picture for some reason.

theres me below

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